Sunday, September 04, 2011

*Shaking my fist in frustration!*

The net has been a nightmare all week, so I haven't been able to post (NO, I can't post at work; like most schools, blogging sites are blocked. Even if they weren't, I doubt I'd post, I'd feel guilty. Alas!). So now I'm all behind in my 182 and I find that personally insulting.

Really internet! What did I ever do to you?!

*insert copious moaning and generally nerdy gnashing of teeth here*

I think, since my blog is pretty much unread by anyone save myself :) I'll just back-post my book recommendations, but not add any random geekery. I was working on a TMNT rec to go with my random post, so that'll be up sometime tomorrow! Phew!

Also, could fall come now? I'm totally ready for it. It should not be 100 degrees while I'm watching college football. Just sayin'.

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