The Menagerie

Since I'll mention them far too often, here's a run-down of animals who will appear in images. My family likes to blame me for the fact that our pets have literary names BUT actually my mother and brother started it when I was just a kid! So there!

Up First: Bob
Full Name: A's Robert Service (Canadian poet Robert Service)
AKA: Sgt. Fluffybutt, Sir Barks-a-Lot, Big Brother
Breed: Pomeranian (often nekkid)
Age: 11 years
Likes: Bunny the toy, barking, doggy beds, marrow treats, people (especially little girls)
Dislikes: Little brothers, when his knee pops out
Bonus Fact: Bob loves his name; I assume because of the nice sharp b's on it. My mother has dogs named Shakespeare and Chaucer. She determined the next dog would be "Bob." She saw Bob as a dirt colored ball of puppy fluff and knew that was his name. Little did she know I had a literary name ready to go!

My man Bob can be utterly gorgeous in full coat, but we live in a hot area, so after years of having long hair, he's now shaved more often than not.


Next: Gomez
Named for the comic/television/movie character Gomez Addams (comic makes it literary!)
AKA: Dog Cat, Generikitty
Age: 9 years
Likes: Food, being underfoot, when I sit still
Dislikes: When I insist on being upright, when his (dry) food needs "stirring"
Bonus Fact: I lived in a trailer in college. A stray cat decided to have kittens in the wall of the trailer and then apparently disappeared. I ended up crawling underneath and locating the three screaming kittens, who became known as Lucy, Elvis, and Gomez, two of whom found homes elsewhere after I'd weaned them off the bottle. Gomez comes to his name and is more like a dog than a cat.


Dramatic cat is dramatic.

Third: Bronte

Named for Charlotte Bronte
AKA: The Empress, Tubby
Age: 6 years
Likes: Smacking dogs, telling cats who's boss, napping, being held, dangly toys
Dislikes: Dogs who don't notice she's smacking them, empty water bowls
Bonus Fact: Bronte joined my family when Gomez escaped and disappeared while my mother was watching him while I was on vacation. She was so eaten up with guilt that she adopted Bronte for me. Gomez came home the next day, naturally.


Bronte takes both being a bully and sleeping very seriously.

Last: Alfred
Full Name: Alfred, Lord A
AKA: Little Brother, Pomzilla, Alfie (we also consider "Pomzilla" his breed); he comes to all three names
Breed: (GIANT) Pomeranian (of Doooom)
Age: 4 years
Likes: Kongs, all human food except olives, climbing, being hyper, Mom (me)
Dislikes: Olives, getting sick from stealing human food, people not his mom or grandma
Bonus Fact: Bob is a CKC registered Pom; Alfred, though a rescue, is actually AKC registered (but clearly didn't read the guidebook). Alfie's claim to fame is his ability to steal food he's not supposed to have, including the memorable Christmas when he located and ate an entire bowl of mints and spent three days in hospital. Amazingly, he unwrapped all the mints and left a nice pile of plastic wrappers behind, so he didn't obstruct his colon.

This size comparison might illustrate why he is a Pomzilla.

My roomie also has a houseful of pets, so there are essentially an insane number of animals in our house.

Mine are, of course, the cutest and most magnificent ones.