Thursday, January 05, 2012

01 of 2012: Think Twice (Lisa Scottoline)

My first book of 2012 was a bargain book at Books-a-Million, and store which is quickly working to lose my patronage. They make someone escort you to the bathroom now, which is annoying when you have an impatient bladder. The cost of their Millionaire cards is also up to $20 now. Considering they're not good for bargain books, I didn't bother.

But that's beside the point! My first book of 2012 was a...disappointment.

Title: Think Twice
Author: Lisa Scottoline
Dates Read: 1/2/12-1/4/12
Date Published: March, 2010
Pages: 384
Synopsis: Bennie Rosato and her twin sister, Alice Connelly, only met as adults. Though they look exactly alike, the darkness in Alice sets them apart - until the day Alice buries Bennie alive, and Bennie discovers the darkness within herself.

Review: You'd think with someone being buried alive, this would be an exciting book, but it just . . . isn't. The story doesn't gain momentum for hundreds of pages, despite quick-fire switches of p.o.v. among Bennie, Alice, and Bennie's fellow lawyer Mary. The characters are one-dimensional and strange attempts at family drama in the Mary storyline draw away from what there is of the cliched main story. I finished this book out of pure, unadulterated stubbornness. I paid for the darn thing when money is tight, and I was gonna read it!

Stars: */5
Keywords: Mystery, Drama

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