Friday, July 22, 2011

02: Who Killed Captain Kirk?

I wasn't planning to introduce a comic so early, but yesterday StarTrek.Com announced a crossover event between Star Trek and the recently unbooted Legion of Super-Heroes - the one comic series I love to distraction. I'm sure it'll be corny and possibly horrible but I don't care! I'm still at ubergeek excitement level at the moment!!

Who Killed Captain Kirk?
Peter David, Tom Sutton, and Ricardo Villagra
Published: 1993

It finally started raining down here, and now the grass needs cutting every five seconds or so.

Why?: I enjoy impressing people, from time to time, with my knowledge of Dante’s Inferno or one of the lovely speeches from Cyrano de Bergerac. I remember quoting such a speech at a dinner where a kind woman commented on how nice it was to meet young people (I was a teen at the time) who are versed in the classics. I didn’t tell her I knew the scene because of Barclay’s recitation of it during the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Nth Degree.” Nor am I likely to confess that I learned the levels of hell from reading Who Killed Captain Kirk in jr. high school! (Just as a note, I do have a degree in English lit now, so my nerdiness has grown)

See?! Into hell!

The Star Trek comics might not be great works of literature, but this storyline is a heckuva lot of fun. Not only does it take you through the levels of hell courtesy of an ill telepath, but it also comes with a murder mystery that ties back to the original series. This is certainly the best of the comic stories I know of, and a guilt-free, fun read for an afternoon.

AND EGADS all of the comics are available on DVD-ROM for SEVEN WHOLE DOLLARS on Amazon. It's a bit of a pain to navigate, but it's still fun!

Gist: Someone has murdered Captain Kirk – at least for a short time. As he recovers, the crew searches for answers. Hampering the investigation are an unusual wedding, a seriously ill telepath taking over the ship, suspicion among the crew, and the discovery of an abandoned Klingon child.

So! I finally got the last word again. ~Leonard McCoy

Perfect For:
Trekkies, ages 12+

Bob the Shaved Pom was determined to look totally doofy in his book shot. Dooooofy doofy doofy!

Genres: Fiction, Graphic Novel
Keywords: T.V. Tie, Science Fiction


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