Sunday, July 31, 2011

Organization: Necklaces

I don't own a huge number of necklaces. What I need an intervention for is earrings! But I did want a way to organize the necklaces I do have without buying a $100 jewelry armoire tall enough to hold them. I decided to go cheap - and this is what we have!


I'm looking for material to place on the back, but I'm pleased with the look already. I didn't go for the more expensive silver board I use for my pins (upcoming pics!) Instead of regular thumbtacks, I purchased extra large ones at Wal-Mart (their brand) in black and white, because I use black framed artwork in my bedroom. This means I didn't have to squeeze the necklaces between a small pin and the board (as I've seen in some tutorials), but could hang them gently on the large pins.

Despite being a big girl, I prefer shorter to longer necklaces. The cork board technique is perfect for these. Amazingly, my cats don't throw themselves at it when the fan's on, which was a pleasant surprise!

I love getting necklaces down at Pier Park in Panama City Beach, FL. The park's a lovely and friendly place, kept clean. I don't get down there a lot since I'm no longer a Floridian, but it's definitely worth the drive. Sadly, the REST of PCB is something of a mess these days, especially during Spring Break season. Fish Tales is the store in question. Most of my necklaces which didn't come from my Maw's collection came from there. :)


  1. That's a great idea. I love jewelry boxes but they never leave enough room for necklaces. I also like smaller or well shorter chain necklaces. I mean, they have to go above the boobs right?! But yeah, I think this is a pretty neat idea

  2. I like it It's not as nice as your cabinet, but it does the job and I'm a lot more likely to wear them then when they were in a drawer to keep from getting tangled in my teenie jewelry box!