Thursday, July 21, 2011

Theater! ...And Packing

I wish I could post some shots of rehearsals for the local production I'm helping with, but I neglected to ask for permission, so instead I will blather about how FANTASTIC it is that all the flooring is being replaced in the house next week!

When my mother built this house, she apparently smoked something recreational - I mean, took temporary leave of her senses - because she installed off white carpeting in the entire house (a nice addition to the bright white walls). When I moved back to my hometown and she asked me to be her roomie and share expenses, I was all for it (vacations, anyone?!) but this carpet...


No carpet.


So after 12 years in the house, all the evil carpeting is about to be replaced by non-carpeting. In preparation for this, all photos and knicknacks are now piled precariously on the dining room table (my brother replaced the flooring in there a couple of Christmases ago).

Gomez approves of boxes he can be nosy in.

In the bedroom-I-turned-into-an-office, there are both built in bookshelves and some I finished and used in my own places. The non-built-ins have been emptied for easier moving, and it's a sad sight. :( Poor empty shelves.

Check out my mad staining skillz!

But I get to reorganize my books when I put them up again, and I always love that!

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