Wednesday, August 03, 2011

08: Squids Will Be Squids

Squids Will Be Squids
Author: written by Jon Scieszka and illustrated by Lane Smith
Published: 1998


Why?: When I first heard about using picture books with middle schoolers, I was pretty skeptical. Add to that the fact that one of my first experiences with Scieszka was Stinky Cheese Man (one of his only books I don’t adore), and I avoided using Squids even though teaching folklore is part of our course of study. I lived down in Florida at the time, and with no family nearby, I often spent weekends perusing bookstores for the fun of it. This was how I discovered and read Squids Will Be Squids, curled up in a chair at a Barnes and Noble. Being an utter dweeb, I feel immediately in love with it, and the day I read it to my students has now become one of their favorites (and only partially because they get to lounge all over the room and the desks!). This book is a lot of fun, and it really shows how fables were meant to teach lessons, and not just to tell silly stories about animals.

I’ve developed a strong affection for picture books, and have amassed something of a collection over the last six years or so! :)


Gist: This is a collection of beastly fables designed for the modern day, covering everything from grasshopper homework to the perils of believing everything you see on TV. Although a quick read, it’s a lot of fun and can really open a path to kids creating fables of their own!


Perfect For: Ages 8+, especially parents and kids with a sense of humor

Fiction, Picture Book
Keywords: Humor

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