Thursday, August 11, 2011

12: The Bad Seed

The Bad Seed
William March
Published: 1954

Why?: This is a classic of creepy, originating the term “bad seed.” Anyone who has an interest in the history of creeptastic novels needs to give this one a go, especially since it’s just as disturbing today as it was when it was first published. March wrote a lot of other books, but this is the most famous; certainly more famous than March himself! This novel is all about getting under your skin, revealing Rhoda’s nature bit by bit. There’s only one thing I would have changed…but that’s a spoiler (and has to do with March’s need to explain WHY Rhoda is as she is, when leaving it a mystery would’ve been much more disturbing).

Gist: Kenneth and Christine Penmark have just moved to a new town, along with their only daughter, Rhoda. While Kenneth is away, Christine has trouble settling in, especially when one of her little girl’s classmates dies mysteriously while on a field trip…

Bonus Trivia: This novel was published right before the author’s death, but became hugely successful about a month later.

Perfect For: Old school creep out fans

Fiction, Novel
Keywords: Horror

Along with today's theme, I have the strangest feeling that I'm being waaa~aaatched!




...The strange thing is, I'm in the kitchen where they're allowed, and they're in the living room...

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