Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Haul/Organization: My New Kindle!

Even though I utilized an exclamation point up there, I admit I still have mixed feelings about needing a new Kindle. I had a Kindle 2, and she was a beautiful, wonderful device whose death in a tragic accident was utterly undeserved. *sniffle*

This is also a bit of a stretch on "new" as I bought it at the end of last month (right BEFORE I received the Books a Million coupons in the mail. Figures. -_- I could've held off on a new Kindle if I'd known I would have huge book hauls at great prices!).

I waited a couple of months before purchasing a new Kindle 3, because my 2 simply wasn't salvageable. I decided to go ahead and buy an official Kindle cover, which I never did for my 2. The 3's seem more...flimsy, and I'm fond of my mother's cover, which I got her for her last birthday.

I loooove the color red and am pretty much endlessly resentful that my rosacea makes wearing red a no-no. :(

I bought the one with the light. It's not FANTASTIC, but it'll let me read as a passenger in a car and whatnot, so that's awesomesauce in my book!

I had to go through and individually select each book I wanted to redownload, then reorganize them into categories. My poor, worn out thumbies aren't used to all this hard work now that I don't have time for video gaming anymore!

The category system came out just after I bought my dearly departed 2, and it made the Kindles SO much more user friendly. Now if they'd just make the screensavers customizable without a hack, they'd be darn close to perfect.

The skin is from Decal Girl, which is an AWESOME skinning website with excellent customer service. The design is called "Mystery" and I didn't pop the extra cost for matte since I have the case. The cover is more green and less gray than I expected, but I still loves it. It has a Jeeves meets Poirot feel to it (even though Poirot novels are generally my least favorite of Christie's). It's a bit sad that I'll never get to SEE the back, because of the cover. Ha. Ha.

I'm happy with him so far, but I miss the larger directional buttons on the 2. I have large hands and broad thumbs that don't like the itty bitty new one. I'd hate to be a dude trying to deal with it.

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