Sunday, August 07, 2011

10: The Short and Bloody History...

I had a grand time with my second 30% book haul today (with bonus tax free day!), but I did manage to get a papercut on my eyeball.

Don't ask.

Also, don't try it, because it's not a very nice experience.

It's ridiculously humid today, so I still can't get any shots outside. WHY must it be both 100 degrees heat index AND dripping with moisture?! EGADS.

The Short and Bloody History of Knights, Spies, and Pirates

John Farman
Published: 2000

Why?: This little bargain book is a lot of fun, full of easily-accessible and amusing historical information. When I was a kid, I was determined I would write fun and entertaining historical documentaries when I grew up, for use in schools. Though I do a bit of that in my classes (readers’ theatre, anyone?), I haven’t left school for Hollywood quite yet (*g*). So, I’ll stick to buying books that educate and amuse, and adding to my knowledge of history that way.

Gist: The title gives you a pretty good idea, you know! Though not in-depth, the historical and biographical sketches are fun and appear largely accurate.

Perfect For:
Historians with a need for a giggle.

Genres: Nonfiction, History
Keywords: Humor

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