Monday, August 08, 2011

Book Haul! The Sequel!

I headed out Saturday afternoon armed with the 30% off coupon being offered by our local Books-a-Million and my discount card. They claim they redid...something in the building (they were closed for a couple of weeks) but I can't see it. They certainly didn't take time to organize the graphics novel section, which is why they never get any money out of me for those sorts of books.

Total cost $39!

I don't generally buy like this, admittedly, but Books-a-Million is my favorite place for bargain books, and all but one of these was one. Plus, there's 30% off the entire order AND it was tax free weekend on school supplies (including books). This definitely seemed the right time to indulge!

I bought some young adult books, because I openly confess that I thoroughly enjoy the current rise in YA SF and fantasy. I suppose fantasy owes a lot to Harry Potter, while SF owes a good bit to Scott Westerfield's books and, tragically (in my utterly biased opinion because I can't stand the series) the Hunger Games series. I enjoy YA SF and fantasy because I find the authors keep a better handle on characters and plot than many authors for the adult market.

My selections: ~Scott Westerfield's Behemoth (his steampunk series, book 2; original price $18.99) as well as Specials (OP: $9.99) and Extras (OP $16.99; it was $3.97 in either hardback or paperback, so I went with hb!) from the Uglies series. I read Uglies on my Kindle about a year ago, and have been waiting to get my greedy hands on the rest of the series at a good price ever since.
~Sherrilyn Kenyon's first book in her Chronicles of Nick series (OP: $17.99). I've seen Kenyon at Dragon*Con a couple of times. She's a warm and engaging speaker who happily embraces her nerdy side, but I just can't engage in her adult series. They lean heavily toward traditional romance, though with definite fantasy elements. Since I'm not a personal fan of bodice rippers (though I'm all for people who are!), they just don't hold me. But I like her so much I wanted to give this series a try!
~Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angel (OP: $19.99)

Here's my mystery selections!
~Death by Design by Laura Childs (OP: $16.00): I sometimes avoid American-written mysteries because you never know if the emphasis will be mystery-with-a-dash-of-romance (which I enjoy) or romance-with-a-dash of mystery (which I don't). I wouldn't have picked this up without the bargain price, but three books for $3.97 is hard to beat!
~The Calling by Inger Ash Wolfe (OP: $13.95)
~The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall (OP: $14.00): I've heard of this series from fans of British cozy mysteries, so I was excited to see it as a bargain book. It was going to find its way to my Kindle soon at full price!

Random! I collect picture books, and I enjoy Lane Smith's work, so here we have his silly take on the Founding Fathers (OP: $16.99). I've found Dave Barry a bit hit and miss lately, because I prefer his columns to his themed books about history and whatnot. This one looks more like the latter, and is the only book I bought at full price ($15.00).

Think this'll keep me busy for a while? *g* Especially since work's starting back, and I won't have nearly as much time to read as I do over the summer. :) This pic includes the books in my previous haul.


If I'd bought these at full price they would've been a total of $159.89 before taxes! I brought them home for $39.87. Awesome!

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