Monday, August 15, 2011

14: The Eyes of the Dragon

The Eyes of the Dragon
Stephen King
Published: 1984, 1987

Why?: I’ve noticed that among big Stephen King fans (at least my friends who are fans, which really isn’t enough to make much of a generalization, but I’ll go with it), this book isn’t a favorite. It’s a big departure from his usual works in both content and narrative style. I, however, am not a big fan of King, so maybe that’s why this is my favorite of his novels. I adore his conversational narrator, who tells the story as if you’re right there listening to it (adding his own opinions here and there), and the story is one of those rare fantasy tales where the plot manages to stand up against the world building. This is also appropriate for younger audiences than many of his books.

My roomie's dog, Annabel Lee, is a "younger audience." Sadly, as you can see, she's also not a big reader.

Gist: Thomas isn’t a bad boy…but he is under the influence of the evil magician Flagg. Flagg uses his power and influence to bring chaos to a once peaceful kingdom, as well as to the lives of its two princes.

Bonus Trivia: This novel’s baddie is very important to King’s Tower series. Despite being one of his less popular works, this book has some of the strongest ties to his self proclaimed opus.

Perfect For: Fantasy fans or the fantasy-curious, anyone who wants to try their hand at King’s Tower novels.

Genres: Fiction, Novel
Keywords: Fantasy

My students often think I'm dumb enough to think they're reading when they're not even looking at the book, too!

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