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Legionnaire Challenge: Triplicate Girl!

As I've become more interested in learning how to properly use cosmetics (largely because, with a good bit of research, I've found cosmetics I can use), I decided I wanted a silly way to challenge myself. The result is my mission to create eye and/or nail looks for each of the current members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Geekery + Cosmetics = Love

You can tell I need to have a talk with my camera, but my first victim is (drum roll pleeease), Triplicate Girl!

Before I blather about the character herself, here are the results of my first challenge:






Products Used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original
Shany Eyeshadow Palette: Boutique (they sell through Amazon)
Physician's Formula Gel Liners trio, Brown Eyes
I don't own or use mascara. Heh.

Notes: I went for only the original orange and purple here. I took the pictures under bathroom lights in the middle of the night, which is a shame; I was very pleased with how it came out given the fact that I'm a total n00b!



Notes: My hands are so large that I don't find holding a single bottle comfortable. I compromised by holding both! I buffed out a peel on my thumbnail several days ago, and waited a day before I could get these shots outside; as a result, there's already a large chip on my thumbnail. C'est la vie. My nails include the white that was incorporated in her threeboot (Triad) and tv series uniforms.

Products used:
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails base coat
China Glaze Papaya Punch
OPI Funky Dunky
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White Out

Who is Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel/Triad/Duplicate Damsel?

Lournu Durgo has hopped in and out of the Legion, though she survived to serve in every continuity (which is more than can be said for her adorable preboot/Three Worlds hubby, Bouncing Boy). Originally, her power was to split into three identical bodies.
Here she is messing with Supergirl's mind which is, in my opinion, a fantastic way to spend one's time. My scanner isn't presently working, so I can't scan images myself; I've stolen these from around the web.

In one of the Legion's first storylines to have actual repercussions, one of Lournu's bodies was murdered by Brainiac 5's uncontrolled invention, Computo. In classic fashion, all she did was lose a body and change her name.

Lu later lost her second body as well, though it's uncertain whether that's part of current continuity. There's a beautiful scene between her and Brainiac 5 in the issue in which he stands trial for murder; it's a shame the art's by Keith Giffen.

They took Lu through several crushes, but eventually she married Bouncing Boy in an obvious bid to weed out two relatively low-powered characters. But they are freaking adorable together, so that's a-okay with me! In the recent Three Worlds unboot, they returned from their third honeymoon (this is a couple still very much in love!), and Lu had a major (and utterly unexplained) upgrade.

How she got her butt handed to her in the recent Adventure storyline I don't know. I question you, Levitz. I question you.

She also existed as the Carggite version of a schizophrenic in the reboot (Triad), and as an adorable and useful member of the cartoon series. In fact, she and BB were both front and center for that series, which proved that great storylines come from fantastic characters, not the shiniest powers.



She also appeared in Threeboot, but as I refuse to acknowledge the existence of that pile of droppings - I mean, series- I don't have pictures from it.

Lu and her husband are both great characters that, outside the television series, are generally very under-utilized. Their powers aren't as impressive as many of the others, but they're written as scrappy and intelligent. The move to make them co-heads of Legion Academy gave them some much needed exposure in the 80's, and Levitz has given them back that role. Sadly, his obsession with his own new characters overshadows them. I hope he'll fix that in the future.

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