Friday, August 12, 2011

Book Haul!: MyComicShop.Com

I blame this ENTIRELY on my friend Cassandra, who told me of the Existence of My Comic Shop.Com, a website so full of awesome that you can customize the theme to the comic series of your choice!

This site allows you to order back issues and ship them in-bulk, thereby saving a lot on shipping (and, thinking back to my childhood, travel - my mother truly loves me, because she drove me all over the southern United States on my epic search for LSH comics released before I was born). They also buy comics, and I'm going to see what I can sell them of some non-LSH comics I have.

I placed the order about a week ago, and it arrived today! Sadly, the bottom of the box had not been particularly well taped, and was open:


Inside, however, they were extremely well packaged:



And here is my silly haul, which I REALLY should have waited to order, but they had an alternate cover for the current Legion run #6, and that one is hard to get. I had to go for it!

I didn't buy the 1,050 Years of the Legion collection when it first came out because I have the stories included individually, but there are a couple of interviews I wanted, so I picked it up.

For pure, unadulterated geekiness, I gave in and ordered The Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century (say THAT three times fast!). The TV series aired on WB!Kids, and I actually didn't watch it when it first aired because the art is...yeah, strange, I was mad at DC for the crapocity that is the threeboot (not defunct! YAY!!!), and I didn' GET the WB at the time. Now I know it's a shame, because despite the fact that Brainiac 5 is a strange amalgam of Lt. Commander Data, a transformer, and a Gundam, the series is freaking ADORABLE and has endless nods for long-time fans like me.

So now I'm mad it was canceled. STUPID WB! *sulks in the corner* The comic series only ran for 13 issues with the first season, and I picked up all of them except the two they didn't have.

I also picked up a few I'd missed in the new Levitz run (the "unboot" in my head).


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